Passion Chocolate – Paris

So you’re going to Paris and you want to do something nice for those who couldn’t fit in your suitcase?  Stop here.  Then lock these amazing French chocolates in a safe and mail the key or they might not make it through the flight.  Yeah.  These are that good.
 Passion Chocolate
Chocolatier Fabricant
122 Av. Simon Bolivar
Parisian chocolatier

Passion Chocolate of Paris, France

Fresh ingredients.  True flavors.  A smooth creamy cocoa buttery center and chocolate so natural that it leaves chocolate fingerprints if you pause before tasting it.

These are not your usual chocolates. A special gift or indulgent treat, it is absolutely a stop you have to make on a Paris trip, and worth every penny.
Sadly, I have not visited Passion Chocolate in person or I might still be standing there undecidedly trying each new flavor again and again.  Instead, I was spoiled with this treasure box by some house guests who’d stopped in Paris on the way to me.  They stopped at this store too, repeatedly, so I should be thankful that my box arrived unscathed.  That shows tremendous willpower.  If you bring a box of these and you’ll definitely be invited back.
This box held three layers like this, a hand-picked assortment, you can choose what you like.  If you like chocolates with just a touch of alcohol, try the one with the yellow raisin on top.  It’s deep and rich and tastes almost like Port.  Eat it in a tranquil moment and hide from anyone who likes Hershey’s.  They can keep the Hershey’s.  These are for moments of quiet indulgence.


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