Goodbye, Tick. Hello, Oklahoma.

In purging for a move, I find all sorts of random things like: seashells and birdnests, a butterfly from Spain, driftwood and shark teeth, and now a ziploc baggie with a now-completely-dead hard tick and all the tiny also-dead (I hope) eggs she laid. The first things will move with me, yet the latter, sadly not. My inner science geek is really sad to finally toss this out, but I really can’t come up with a good excuse to keep it – she’s not in the least bit pretty – a bit shriveled and petrified now, but still sort of cool, to me anyway. It had been a rather clumsy, totally disgusting grayish purple “raisin” crawling around my kitchen floor, an unwelcome hitchhiker from cat or dog, so, of course, we had to get a good look, then stick her in a bag so that everyone could be amazed at the biggest tick we’d ever seen. Luci found her. She’s a science geek like me. Kirk objected to the overly-obvious placement on the refrigerator where we watched her lay eggs for days all within the sterile confines of her ziplock bag, so eventually I moved her to the black hole of our house – “the office.”

Anyway, she’s gone and I’m sort of regretting it, but the reality of another move means that I have to purge something and if I’m not willing to part with my driftwood collection, then the tick most certainly has to go.

Yeah, a move. It’s been looming for months, but I’d hoped that the Air Force would come to its senses and change something – even just a postponement to summer would be great. The girls are happy here and I’m making significant progress at the Library of Congress. (Not that you know since I very rarely post anymore, but hey – it’s true.)

It’s official now. Has been for a while. We’ll be in Oklahoma City by 30 January.

At least in my mind something’s changed and I’m now “on board” with this cross-country thing with three girls, a dog and a cat in the coldest of months from one snow zone to another. It’s going to be an adventure.




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