Reflections in Coffee

IMG_9720The blessing of a garage sale (which I pledge to only do once, at most, during each assignment), is that I am literally forced to sit in my garage for hours on end. That may not sound like a blessing to you, but how many times do you sit in your garage? Perhaps your space is a perfectly organized exemplification of order created and used for vehicles, but for us, it became an overflow after this move with not even space enough for a fender let alone an entire car. With time, I got it down to half a car, and after the first big-hail threat a couple weeks ago, I managed to fit exactly one car in, with mere inches to spare.

Anyway, Moore had their city-wide garage sale, I had a mini-van sized space of “junk” that needed to be re-homed, so I sorted it onto my driveway and spent most of two days in my garage. Here are the blessings.

  • Forced time in my garage meant that on day one, I was a sorting, organizing, cleaning machine. All those dumb low-priority tasks waiting for months were done in that time I was waiting for “customers.” I know where my stuff is now and I found a few more things to put on the garage sale side of the garage.
  • I met several really nice people including a neighbor and a potential new friend, had some interesting conversations, and got the number of a housekeeper who speaks Spanish.
  • I nearly finished the book I was reading (Ken Follet’s World Without End) – great book.
  • And… I had fun with photography posing irises like tiny models to create reflections in coffee. It didn’t give me exactly the results I was hoping for, but it’s a start.

There are blessings in everything.


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