Sasha’s First Solo

IMG_9285After her third voice lesson, she walked out with Miss Cora who usually goes over exercises that she should do for the week. That day she was so blown away by Elise’s performance of Cupid’s Got a Shotgun that she asked if she’d like to sing on the Children’s Stage at the Norman Music Festival. That was several weeks ago. Elise had been preparing three songs because neither her nor Cora could decide which one was best. On Monday they chose Blown Away by Carrie Underwood, a good song for an Oklahoma festival.

We arrived early enough to spend a few minutes walking around the carnival area with rides and greasy foods. The children’s stage sat just outside the official festival grounds, but close to the rides, games, and crafts. It was short and simple, but still a stage with a microphone and speakers. Her last solo was a small piece of a song as Iago during her school play at the end of 4th grade. This would be her first full song sung solo in front of an audience.

She was the second to sing from her school.

Miss Cora introduced her, then walked off. The music started, Elise felt the rhythm of the music, and began to sing. The track was wrong, not the one she practiced with – background singers drowned out part of her song though her volume was good – she realized the mistake, but she didn’t stop. She started and finished without any pauses.

The crowds weren’t huge, but people stopped to listen and others gathered around waiting to cheer on their performers. It was the perfect first performance.

Before she stepped off the stage, the owner of the music school exclaimed, “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

That felt good. She did great. It takes a lot of guts to pursue your dreams and my girl is doing just that. She’s already chosen her next song to work on, one that she’ll use to audition for a play at a local theater. Imagine what we’d all accomplish with that sort of tenacity and courage.

I’m one proud momma!

(The video will not be posted at her request. It’s the first time she’s heard herself recorded and she’s not completely comfortable with it.)

Post performance, we headed downtown to pick up Kirk’s packet at the marathon expo, then celebrated her performance at Smashburger, our new favorite burger joint.


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