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A Tribute

There once was an app. Just a small orange and yellow icon on my phone. But like the Doctor’s Tardis, it was bigger on the inside. The app contained a world and the world contained people and places and conversations sprinkled with the occasional knitting pattern and a recipe for something delicious. It was a […]

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Candy Crush must die (Life beyond candy)

The name fits like the sugar-laced glove that it is, this quick-fix for killing time, the it-just-takes-a-moment justification for one more game, one more try, one more life used and wasted on that frustrating level that you just can’t pass. It’s the “stupid game” that I scoffed at until I discovered it on my daughter’s […]

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Social Networking at Home

The title’s misleading, but not. You see, I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest, Livemapp, Instagram, and Google+, and while I get that those may be important for the whole internet marketing media stuff that anyone with anything online (like a blog) “has to do,” I’ve decided that there’s a limit to what I […]

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