The Sweet of Sweet Sue’s of North Beach

I distinctly remember multiple conversations with my oldest claiming that “the only cheesecake” she likes is my goat cheese cheesecake.  I don’t blame her, it’s amazing,  but today when I brought home a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake from Sweet Sue’s, I didn’t expect her to eat the whole thing either.

“I thought you didn’t like cheesecake?!!?”

“I hadn’t tried this one.”

I ‘d also brought home an eclair (my favorite) and a red velvet cupcake (devoured quickly by a 9-year-old).  Ah, the eclair.  I should have eaten it at Sweet Sue’s, where I could have had it with one of their delicious cups of coffee, but I was too full after my healthy mandarin chicken wrap.

It was a simple lunch.  An overstuffed wrap with chicken, crispy Asian noodles, and nearly too much lettuce, but I won’t complain.  That abundance of green help justify the desserts I brought home to sample.  Though Sweet Sue’s has cakes and scones, muffins, cupcakes, and cinnamon roles, that signature eclair is heavenly.  Impossible to cut without making a mess, it is clearly meant not to be shared though even the mini eclairs are large enough for two.

After living here for nearly 2 years, I may have just finally found my coffee home-away-from-home.


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