Tsunami Sushi in Annapolis

51 West Street
Annapolis, MD
Tel:  410-990-9868
Web:  http://www.kapowgroup.com/

Tifnotes:  Out of a salad, a soup, and four rolls tried, we found that while three were quite repeatable, the other three were as easily forgettable.  If you have a need for sushi here, order the salads and heartier sushi rolls.  The simple rolls and miso soup absolutely flavorless.

Also, if you’re a stickler for an authentic experience, so be warned that the man making my sushi was not Japanese.  He was, in fact, Mexican and was speaking in Spanish into his phone headpiece for most of our visit.

Lunch Bill:  1 iced tea $2, 1 cup of regular coffee $3, wedge salad $7, avocado salad $6, 2 Sushi Original platters $7 each, 1 crunchy crab roll $7.50.  Total with tax for two gluttonous people:  $41.87

The extra roll was extravagant and unnecessary as we were both extremely full after the salad and sushi platters.  The platters come with miso soup.  If we go back, we agreed we’d skip the platters and just order a roll each with our salad.  That would be plenty.

Tifsperience:  Last week was restaurant week in Calvert County in which Applebees was a participating restaurant.  That should tell you something about Calvert county.  So Tiara took it upon herself to look up restaurant weeks in more palatable areas near us and excitedly learned that this week was restaurant week in Annapolis.  She looked up every restaurant and perused every menu.  She sent me a link and a list of her top five on which Tsunami was in bold and starred.  It served sushi, the food she asked for on her 6th birthday, her 15th, and several in between.

I made a reservation for today at 11:30.  We showed up, sat, and were handed menus.  I immediately looked up and asked, “May we see the restaurant week menu, please.”  The kid had the hair, voice, and intonation of a not-so-bright California surfer, so I had to look it up when he said, “Uh, that’s not this week.  Let me check.”

He handed me a little glossy Restaurant Week card just seconds before I had the website up on my iPhone.  Guess what?  The Annapolis Restaurant Week with a bunch of special menus at set prices is… in two weeks.  Score a point for the surfer dude.  My Potsie girl, well, is potsier than usual.

Yes, it’s an adjective used frequently in this community that we’re in.  POTS kids get brain fog, another lovely term.  And the most recent meds are making her foggier than usual.

Still, here we are at a restaurant that serves SUSHI, so we’re not so potsie that we’re going to walk away and, soy sauce is high in sodium, so there.  Crisis averted.  We’re having lunch and using an expired Groupon to pay for most of it!  Hazzah!

She ordered the wedge salad which is, for the unprepared, a wedge of lettuce drizzled in miso dressing with the other salad ingredients sprinkled decoratively on the side.  If you resent using a knife to eat a salad, then you’d best avoid this one.  If you find cutting your greens acceptable, then by all means, dive in.  It is a good one.

I ordered the avocado salad which came on a nicely sized bed of greens (no knife required) and drizzled with the same delicious miso dressing.  If I return to Tsunami, I will most certainly order this salad again and possibly lick the plate clean.  It’s that good.

We both ordered a sushi set which included one California roll (8 pieces) and 4 pieces each of cucumber and tuna roll.  The California roll, we agreed, was delicious and definitely something that we’d devour upon our return.  Flavorful, the roe was nice and the portions of crab and avocado were spot on.  Delish.  Really.  Sadly, the other, smaller rolls weren’t as good.  I took her tuna and found them bland in spite of the large portion of tuna inside.  She took my cucumber rolls and said that even those were bland and she really likes cucumber.

Our sets came with miso soup with was similar in flavor to the latter rolls, bland.  Neither of us could finish it.

For the sake of trying just one more thing, we also ordered a crab, asparagus, and tempura roll that was really nice, but not as good as the California roll.  Still, the texture combinations were nice and the flavor was good.  I wouldn’t order it again, but wouldn’t avoid eating it either.

So, Tsunami tied for us.  We both really enjoyed half our dishes, but found half too bland to bother with.  I know if I go back, I’ll be diving into that salad again, but with so many restaurants to try, will we really take the time?  The verdict is still out on that.


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